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Jean-Marc Lehwald is an european User Interface Designer with knowledge in User Experience, Corporate Design and Brand Behavior. He is also working in the fields of photography and video editing. He studied communication design and photography in Wuppertal, Essen and The Hague. After four years of working for agencies he is now doing his own business and lives the life of an entrepreneur – working, living and loving in Düsseldorf, Germany.


Interface Design

I design for people. That could be interfaces between humans and machines. It doesn´t matter if it is a car speedometer, an app, a database, a mechanical machine or a household appliance – the human stands always in the middle.

User Experience Design

For me the transition between UI and UX is diffuse. That´s because good UI does not work without getting in the position of the user. As I´m always interested in build working design systems I start up with getting in touch with all stakeholders; building wireframes, small clickdummys and interviews are the tools I use everyday to figure out if people have the outright problems my customers think they have.


Workshops are a good way to get customers deep in contact with their own products, tools or even their brand. It is important to get people with different professions and career positions on the table to get things clear and tracking down problems which were not known before.

Lean Startup

The most important thing about Lean Startup is getting from the rough to the fine. Best done with so called BML loops, which mean that you build only one or two features of your product, test in on the people who should work with it in the end and learn from that. Even if it is not working it is a learning. Throw it away and build something new. After that start implementing other features…

Digital Transformation

Even for me it was hard in the beginning to get analogue processes into digital services. That could be everything in your daily life – and there is not really an education for this. So I used the last decades to figure out how already existing things could be made easier. That saves time, costs and nerves in the end. But also digital Brand Transformation is kind of a big deal. How should your brand change in a digital world?  I love to find that out in constant exchange with you.


Content conception is something should done very early. What do I want to say, what should people do with this? And most importantly: do we fulfill the expectations? What kind of informations should the users get to be able to use the product, which could be a website, service, e-book and so on … I always take care that things make sense.




Portrait Interface Designer Jean-Marc Lehwald

„Frequently, clients want solutions without looking at their customers‘ needs. There should not be a new product without the knowlegde why the old one failed.“

Dipl.Des. Jean-Marc Lehwald

Software skills

Adobe Creative Suite CC







Previous tasks

App Design

Corporate Manuals

Customer Research

Interface Design

Interaction Modeling/Prototyping

Mystery Shopping

User Experience

User Observation

User Stories



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